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About Me

I am a human. I am not a machine. I like to learn and I try to understand how things work in detail. I like to be confronted with new things. I am open to conversations which help me seeing things from a different angle. Small talk may not be my biggest strenght. I grew up as the 11th child in South Tyrol. For my study I moved to Germany and studied Mechatronik Enginineering. I studied and worked in different countries. Such as Germany, Italy, Ireland and Korea. I invite you to check out my personal website, which I created. It is kind of my homebase and should be not taken to seriously. Here is some interviews I gave:
  • About my time as researcher: Watchado
  • About electrical cars: LVH

I do not fear the challenge. Actually I am looking for it. So if you have an opportunity for a challenge, just let me know.

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My Values

MISSION:I like to work on things which make sense. So it makes sense to me to give my best to develop solutions which are helping this planet saving energy and use our ressources in an effecite and efficient way. I do strongly believe that we should avoid any kind of waste. I belive that in order to gain experience wee need to go new paths and do not fear the unknown. Having a focused and clear mind set is substentail, together wit a positive mindest.

VISION: We live in a world where everyone is living in debt. Those debts can be various. Monetary, ecologically. My vision is to give my best and work on sustainable solutions. Quality, transparency and teamwork is for me by far more important then egoism, power and selfishness. I believe in the intelligence of humankind as group. As we have to look beyond greed and fear. Let us work together in order to make this world a better place for all creatures.

Skills & Services

In the following I tried to summerize some of my work related skills which I learned at the university but also more recently at work. This is how I would evaluate my self. If you think diffferent please drop a note and I will update it. At the end you can find the download button to my CV. Click on the bars to get some details.

Mechanical Engineering


  • Theoretical: Mechanical Engineering, Modeling and Simulation
  • Tools: Inventor, ProEngineer, Matlab, Simulink, AutoCad, Briscad
  • Practical Work: During my bacheolor thesis I engaged my self in the modeling of a steering wheel. I supervised some projects regarding the development of new components e.g. alminium profiles, injection moulding components and so on.

  • Software Development


    • Theoretical: Core concepts of programming, databases
    • Different languages: Python, MATLAB/Simulink, VisualBasic, C++, LabVIEW
    • Practical Work: During my time in Korea I did some programming for Bosch, at Weger I did some VisualBasic programming which I later transfered to Python and Django. During my work at ALPS I have done a lot of stuff with LabVIEW. Lately I use my freetime to learn about neuronal network. Exciting! What you think about developming with me some Apps or so? Let me know by droping a note or so!
    • Industry 4.0


      • Theoretical: During my time at the research institute Fraunhofer Italia, I read a lot of papers regarding the topic of Industry 4.0
      • Practical Work: At Fraunhofer Italia I worked on several projects regarding Industry 4.0. At Weger I was responsable for implementing a new production line at an subsidiary company. At Weger I did the evaluation of current production process and the selection of new machines for implementing a more autmated production which respects the core principles of Industry 4.0.
      • Electrical Engineering


        • Theoretical: You know all the stuff you learn in University.
        • Tools: VHDL, PSpice, Eagle, Codesys
        • Practical Work: Actually not so much to say here. Some minor projects at the University. But I would like to learn and work on some cool projects! Let me know!
        • What I offer and what I stand for.


          There is no way I don't give 100%. Maybe 99% on Mondays ;)


          I put passion into my work and love it like it would be my child.

          JOB DONE

          Get the jobe done. May sound trivial but uncompromising execution needs dedication and half finished business is not my thing.


          As mentioned before I love to work on projects or for companies which are taking their foodprint seriously.


          I have a Master degree in Engineering. My field is Mechatronic.


          A clear mind comes by a structured way of working. Details are important but keeping the big thing in mind is the key.


          What I have created


          #Software: I have created a powerful and easy to use tool for calculating the life cycle cost for a heat recovery system. It calculates the ROI by cinsidering weather points from different locations. Just try it! It is free, just play arround.

          8760 Datapoints per Location

          4Specific values per Datapoint

          74 Locations arround the world and still growing database

          ROI Saving energy and money. What you want more?

          Measurement Device


          #Mechatronic The Master’s thesis focused on the creation of an automated test system to measure hand-operated short-stroke keys to ensure and enhance quality standards. The developed measuring system enables haptic data from automotive control units to be recorded and analyzed.

          3 axis

          1 micro/step high resolution

          500 kS/s measurement points for DAQ

          LabView for easy programing by anyone

          Your Project

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          Inspirational Quotes


          Some stuff I do

          Most of the stuff I do is landscape. But I do also people shooting. Hit me up when you want to have some pictures taken. I am not a professional so I do it for free. I am working with a mirror less canmera brand Olympus. Below is a selection of some pictures. I am not keeping this updated all the time so. Maybe its better you go directly on 500px. Would be fun doing some projects together.

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          My Work

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          So this is something really special for me. My baby if you want to say so. Not even half where I want to be but at least something is done. So to anyone who is interested and you really should! ;) Get a piece of the cake for free! It is in German. Let me know what you think any constructive feedback is welcome. If you want to get a notification when it is really done. Then use the contact form and I will send you an notification. Believe me I will defenetly do.

          PDF Example

          Open a PDF file example.

          So in the following I will add the books and movies I read. To do so I will use an database and load the infromation with Ajax. Later I think I will expand it with some kind of CMS tool.


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